Write More Write Now With Focus

🚀 Unlock Your Writing Potential with the "Write More Write Now with Focus" Workbook! 🚀

Are you a multi-passionate writer with a list of ideas a mile long swirling in your mind, making it challenging to choose your next writing project? Do you find yourself juggling different genres, wondering which story deserves your dedicated attention?

My name is Kim. I’m an ex-cubicle nation employee & manager turned stay-at-home caregiver and author. I’ve mentored hundreds of people on how to “Write More Write Now” in my free group. 

In a recent poll of authors, you want to know what was one of the top 3 struggles?

The #1 struggle most writers have is finding the focus to finish or even start!

Well, struggle no more! As a word shepherd, I knew I needed to lead the flock to some still waters so they could rest–and find focus.

📚 Introducing the "Write More Write Now with Focus" Workbook with instructional video!

🌟 Gain Clarity, Unleash Your Creativity: This workbook is your compass in the vast sea of ideas, guiding you to the project that aligns perfectly with your passion and purpose in this season of life.

What You'll Discover Inside:

  • Personal Alignment: Pinpoint the project that resonates with your unique vision for this season of life. Say goodbye to the confusion and embrace your writing!
  • Idea Prioritization: Uncover the clever formula to identify the project that not only excites you but also has the potential to captivate your readers.
  • Overcome Writer's Block: Tackle writer's block head-on because you now have a focus. A “one-project” focus strategy keeps the random bunnies fenced off from leading you down bunny trails. This helps keep the fires of your creativity kindled and words flowing.

🌈 Why "Write More Write Now with Focus" is Your Key to Success:

Designed for Multi-Passionate Writers: Embrace your diverse interests and channel them into a focused, purposeful writing journey by learning to focus on one thing at a time..

Flexible and Adaptable: Tailor the workbook to your needs–whether you're a seasoned author or just starting your writing adventure.

Results You Can See: Watch as your ideas transform into tangible, engaging finished written projects when you focus on the one thing that matters.

👉 Click "Get it Now" and start your journey of clarity, focus, and prolific writing! Unleash your creativity with the "Write More Write Now with Focus" Workbook–because the world is waiting for your words! 🚀✨

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